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CompactPCI® Serial System Slot Side Board

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CCM with SJ1 and C42
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CompactPCI ® Serial System Slot Controller

CompactPCI® Serial is a new PICMG® specification for modular computers based on high speed signals, comprising PCI Express®, SATA, Ethernet and USB channels. In hybrid systems, CompactPCI® Serial backplanes and modules can be used concurrently together with legacy CompactPCI® cards. A typical EKF hybrid system provides two backplanes, with their system slots center aligned side by side. To the left, a CompactPCI® CPU card such as the CCM-BOOGIE controls the legacy section. To the right, the SJ1-JAM acts as the CompactPCI® Serial system slot controller. The SJ1-JAM is a side card (mezzanine board) to the CPU card, which results in a 8HP common front panel for the entire assembly.

The SJ1-JAM delivers 4 PCI Express® lanes to the CompactPCI® Serial backplane, configurable 4x1 or 1x4. Up to 8 SATA channels are available in total. 5 SATA channels are derived from a RAID controller, suitable e.g. for level 0/1/3/5/10 operation. The SJ1-JAM is equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet controllers, individually switchable either for backplane communication or front panel usage. In addition, 6 USB ports are routed to the backplane. The SJ1-JAM is also a fully featured side card, e.g. with a secondary DVI video output, HD Audio Codec, and EIA 232 serial I/O. As a rugged on-board storage solution, either a 2.5- inch SATA drive or a 1.8-inch SATA Solid State Drive module fits on the SJ1-JAM.

CCM-BOOGIE with SJ1-JAM Assembly

SJ1-JAM Side Card on a CPU Carrier

SJ1-JAM - System Slot Controller for CompactPCI® Serial Systems

SJ1-JAM - System Slot Controller for CompactPCI® Serial Systems

The SJ1-JAM is a member of the EKF familiy of CompactPCI® PlusIO and CompactPCI® Serial products. The PICMG® CompactPCI® Serial specification (draft as of current) establishes high speed serial I/O across the backplane. The PICMG® CompactPCI® 2.30 PlusIO specification (released) may serve as a migration path from classic CompactPCI® to CompactPCI® Serial, by passing over a subset of high speed signals via J2 rear I/O to the serial backplane. Hence, hybrid systems comprised of both CompactPCI® and CompactPCI® Serial cards, can be configured either by means of a CompactPCI® PlusIO CPU card (such as the PC1-GROOVE) and a common hybrid backplane, or a classic CompactPCI® CPU card (such as the CCM-BOOGIE) with a suitable CompactPCI® Serial system slot side board such as the SJ1-JAM, together with a dual-backplane.

Benefits of the SJ1
  • System Slot Controller for PICMG® CompactPCI® Serial (CPCI-S.0) Systems
  • Side Card for Legacy CompactPCI® CPU Card (e.g. CCM-BOOGIE, 8HP Assembly)
  • Suitable for Dual- (Hybrid-) CompactPCI® and CompactPCI® Serial Systems
  • Suitable CompactPCI® Serial Backplanes Available
  • High Speed I/O to the Backplane: 4 x PCI Express, 8 x SATA, 2 x Gigabit Ethernet, 6 x USB
  • Ethernet Ports Individually Configurable for Front Panel I/O or Rear I/O
  • Powerful 5-Channel SATA RAID Controller (Level 0/1/3/5/10, JBOD, Clone, Auto-Rebuild)
  • Carrier Board for a Single SATA Drive, Choice Between Two Options
  • Option 2.5-Inch SATA SSD/HDD on-Board
  • Option 1.8-Inch Micro-SATA SSD Module (EKF C42-SATA) on-Board
  • Secondary DVI-D Video Connector (Dual Screen Operation, Option)
  • HD Audio CODEC (Option)
  • RS-232 Serial I/O (Option)
  • Rugged Solution (Coating/Sealing Available on Request)
  • RoHS compliant

CCM-BOOGIE - Rugged High Performance

SJ1-JAM with C42-SATA
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